15 Best Places To Taste The Saskatoon Culinary Scene

Haven’t heard of Saskatoon? Most people haven’t. Located about 300 miles north of Montana, it’s quickly rising in popularity thanks to landing the number 18 spot on the New York Times 52 Places to Go in 2018 list. In addition to the opening of the Remai Modern, the recently opened modern museum that’s put this obscure Canadian destination on the art map thanks to its impressive Picasso linocut collection, Saskatoon has a burgeoning culinary and craft drink scene.

Meet The Fashion Designer Behind Rihanna’s Outrageous Crop Over Looks

Crop Over, the annual harvest festival celebrating the end of a successful sugar cane season in Barbados, has been around for a long time. But we can thank Bajan queen of fashion, Rihanna, for bringing it to a wider audience than ever before. For six weeks, Crop Over festivities take over Barbados. From Caribbean music, parades, and fêtes that rage on all day and all night (when one party stops, another one starts) to Bajan food fairs and sprawling arts and crafts markets, the rum-fueled fest is a partying marathon of epic proportions.

25 dumplings from around the world that you'll want to try

Dumplings are a magical, ubiquitous food that can be found almost anywhere in the world. From Germany's potato dumpling, kartoffelknoedel, to China's black sesame paste-filled dessert, tangyuan, most cuisines offer up their own unique version of the deliciously stuffed dough pocket. Whether sweet or savory, meat or vegetarian, filled with broth or bean paste, the options of what can be wrapped up in dough are endless. We've rounded up 25 different types of dumplings from across the globe to give you a sampling of how this type of food has managed to become an integral part of so many countries' cuisines.

25 Top Distilleries to Try in California

California is an incredible state known for its sunshine, sandy beaches, incredible scenery, wine country and so much more. One of the often overlooked ways of traveling the Golden State? Through the exploration of its flourishing spirits scene! From an innovative distillery using cutting edge technology to produce unparalleled rums and whiskey to a distillery that incorporates San Francisco fog into its vodka, the opportunities to imbibe are endless.

25 Foodie Favorites in the Sonoran Desert

From wind-shaped caves and saguaro cacti to rocky canyons and incredible sunsets, Mesa, Arizona is known for its stunning desert landscape. What some might not be aware of, is how big its food scene is. With a bounty of locally sourced ingredients from nutrient-rich farm lands and an endless array of talented chefs pushing the boundaries of seasonal cuisine, this region serves as a culinary gateway to both Phoenix and Scottsdale, as well as the surrounding farms and agritourism attractions.

What These 25 Common Phrases You Hear On An Airplane Really Mean

Traveling is stressful as it is without having to question what cryptic messages pilots and crew members are sending — whether it be over the microphone, PA system or even to your face. Make catching your next flight a little more pleasant with this handy guide to airplane talk. To help you, we’ve put together this list of top terms and phrases you’re likely to hear while in the air so that you’ll never be left confused again. Happy travels!
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Essential attractions on a Guangzhou stopover: Travel Weekly

Though China can seem like it's a world away from the U.S., my direct flight to Guangzhou from San Francisco was surprisingly painless. From a stress-free experience at China Southern Airlines' Business Class VIP check-in counter to my preflight complimentary tea and light bites at its VIP lounge to priority boarding access, complete with a private shuttle to the plane, the decision to opt for an upgraded ticket with this airline was well worth the extra cost.
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