After A Decade In Business, San Francisco’s Cassava Is Relocating To A Bigger, More Exciting North Beach Location

Situated in San Francisco’s unassuming Outer Richmond is Cassava, a neighborhood favorite that’s grown a loyal fan base thanks to popular dishes like the Japanese breakfast and fried chicken. Serving Modern California cuisine, their menu is greatly influenced by market availability and what is ethically grown or sourced. Earlier this year, Cassava celebrated a decade in business and has plans to move to the much more lively San Francisco area of North Beach.

How Merced’s Rainbird Became The First-Of-Its Kind, Fine Dining Destination In California’s Central Valley

Up until recently, Merced, California had been known as the Gateway to Yosemite and not much else — certainly not as a culinary hot bed of seasonal cuisine. Thanks to community leaders, passionate chefs, and visionaries, that perception is slowly changing. Once you see the tremendous potential of a place that’s as rich in farm-fresh produce as Merced, it’s hard not to want to be a part of such a monumental swing in trajectory.

I tried 6 different brands of ketchup, and prefer a cheaper classic over an artisanal-tasting option

I compared six brands of ketchup you can find in many grocery stores. Each ketchup had a unique taste and consistency. Most people I know typically grab a bottle of Heinz's ketchup when they go shopping, but that doesn't mean there aren't other contenders. I tried six brands of the condiment — Heinz, Primal Kitchen, Sir Kensington's, O Organics, Annie's, and Huy Fong's Sriracha — and evaluated them on their consistency, sweetness, tartness, acidity, and overall flavor.

From Fast Casual To Full Service Restaurant: The Transformation Of San Francisco’s Italian Favorite, BarZotto

Located in San Francisco’s Mission District is BarZotto, a charming Italian restaurant and wine bar specializing in Cal-Italian-style pizza and pasta. BarZotto opened its doors in 2016 by owner Marko Sotto originally as a fast casual pasta spot. Fast forward to the end of 2020, and the beginning of a second shelter-in-place, BarZotto was forced to shut its doors.

I tried 3 store-bought rotisserie chickens, and Costco's famous bird couldn't compare to the best one

I find it quite convenient to pick up a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store, but I wanted to find out which was the best. I was excited to try Costco's chicken, which was the largest. Buying a hot, juicy rotisserie chicken is almost always a good idea because it's relatively healthy, usually cheap, and convenient for when you don't want to cook. I tried three rotisserie chickens — one each from Costco, Whole Foods, and Safeway — to find out which bird tasted the best.

Everything You Need To Know About The First-Ever Sea Urchin Festival In Mendocino, California

The country’s first-ever festival dedicated to sea urchin, or more simply called uni in the culinary world, is taking place June 17th-19th in on the Mendocino Coast. As one of the biggest producers of uni in the world, and the coast’s largest city, Fort Bragg will be home to this weekend of uni. This unique, three-day festival will feature some exceptional programming, including a big emphasis on education thanks to instructional demos and hands-on experiences hosted by the Mendocino Area Parks.

I made lemon-pepper chicken in the air fryer, and the easy recipe needs 3 ingredients and less than 20 minutes

I wasn't sure 3 ingredients could actually make a flavorful meal. There was very little prep involved. • I made a three-ingredient air-fryer chicken recipe, and it was surprisingly juicy and delicious. • It was extremely easy to make, and the whole recipe took less than 18 minutes. • The lemon-pepper marinade gave the chicken a zesty, buttery flavor and the air fryer made it crispy.

Everything You Need To Know About San Francisco’s Newly Reopened Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience Store

Last month the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company reopened its newly renovated flagship Chocolate Experience Store, located in San Francisco’s Ghirardelli Square in the Woolen Mill Building. The new design pays homage to the company’s 170 year legacy of making chocolate from scratch and being one of the few companies in America that actually controls the entire chocolate manufacturing process, from cocoa bean to finished product.

The Rebirth Of San Francisco Proper Hotel’s Show-Stopping Villon Restaurant

The San Francisco Proper Hotel is home to three distinct, upscale dining concepts that make this trendy downtown property not only a culinary destination, but also the perfect place to spend a night out in fashion. Villon, the hotel’s eclectic, visually stunning restaurant located on its bottom floor, recently resumed dinner service with an all-new re-conceptualized menu under the guidance of San Francisco Proper’s Executive Chef Jason Fox.

I spent $60 dining at the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the US, and it was mostly worth it

I always assumed dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant would completely break the bank. But not every award-winning spot is priced the same. • I ate at San Francisco's State Bird Provisions, the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the US. • The restaurant was very noisy and crowded when we entered, and the service was only OK. • The menu was a bit intimidating, but the food was incredible, I just wish the portions were larger.

Everything You Need To Know About iChina, Silicon Valley’s Refined Chinese Dining Destination

iChina is a one-of-a-kind Chinese dining concept in Silicon Valley’s upscale shopping destination, Westfield Valley Fair. With a kitchen helmed by Hong Kong native Executive Chef Eddie Lam, the menu highlights the eight culinary regions of China, along with the flavors and ingredients of various provinces, using modernized cooking techniques. According to the iChina team, iChina means “love China” – a name that reflects a passion for Chinese cuisine, heritage and culture.

I tried making hard-boiled eggs in the oven, and the easy method doesn't require peeling

If you love hard-boiled eggs but hate going through all the effort of peeling them, baking them in the oven may be the perfect solution. • I tried a no-peel hard-boil-egg hack from a popular TikTok, and it couldn't have been simpler. • The method calls for making the eggs in the oven, and all I needed was two baking dishes. • The eggs don't retain their shape, but it was so easy, and I'd use the trick again for egg salad.

Spain’s Hotel Arts Barcelona Is A Mecca For Art, Culture And Gastronomy. Here’s Why

Towering over 44 floors above the Mediterranean Sea is Hotel Arts Barcelona, a beachside resort that prides itself on offering unparalleled cultural and gastronomic experiences to its guests. Located in the heart of the city’s Port Olimpic neighborhood, it’s widely known as one of Barcelona’s culinary destinations as it’s home to Enoteca, a two-Michelin star restaurant helmed by chef Paco Pérez, an award-winning chef who has five Michelin stars across his restaurants.

A Look At 3rd Cousin, San Francisco’s Unassuming Fine Dining Restaurant

Chef and Owner Greg Lutes opened up 3rd Cousin in late 2015 in the charming area of Bernal Heights in San Francisco after a successful Kinfolk pop-up series. Though 3rd Cousin has been in business for six years, it wasn’t until the past few years during the pandemic that it became more widely acclaimed. Previously, Chef Lutes’ cozy restaurant thrived as one of Bernal Heights’ only fine dining options, however, it wasn’t known throughout the city as a go-to upscale dining spot.

Everything You Need To Know About KAIYŌ Rooftop, San Francisco’s Newest Hotspot

KAIYŌ Rooftop is San Francisco’s newest rooftop bar and lounge to see and be seen. KAIYŌ is a contemporary Peruvian Nikkei bar and lounge owned and operated by San Francisco restaurateur John Park of Brick x Brick Hospitality Group, who also owns KAIYŌ restaurant in Cow Hollow. With innovative cocktails and delicious food in a lively, chic setting overlooking the entire San Francisco skyline, this rooftop is one of very few spots in the city that offers this type of vibe and ambiance.
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