12 Little Known Facts About The Deliciously Fruity HI-CHEW (Plus A Candy Cocktail Recipe!)

If you haven’t chewed a piece of HI-CHEW candy, you’re missing out. The candy hails from Japan where it was created by Morinaga & Co., the country’s first modern candy company, in 1956. It came to the United States in 2008 and has since become popular with the masses, even celebs! The texture is (obviously) chewy, a cross between Starbust and gum, but firmer and almost taffy-like once you start chewing. Not to mention it comes in an incredible number of flavors—nearly 200 worldwide! From flavor

Meet The Visionaries Who Transformed This Historic Building Into A Cosmopolitan Downtown Napa Restaurant

Downtown Napa is continuing its evolution as a lively, eclectic wine country destination with the complete renovation of the historic Fagiani’s, one of the area’s most beloved landmarks located at 813 Main Street. Originally constructed in 1908, the building’s Renaissance Revival architecture in combination with its storied past inspired Joe Wagner, Owner of AVOW and Copper Cane Wine & Provisions, to acquire the property in 2016.

5 Destinations’ Signature Street Food Dishes To Make At Home (Recipes Included)

Since traveling around the world isn’t an option right now, many of us are itching for different ways to experience new destinations. Like most Americans, I’ve been spending more time at home than ever before, and consequently increasing my time in the kitchen. To quell my desire to get out and explore, I decided to try making a few globally-inspired recipes, particularly ones that don’t require tons of expertise or hours in the kitchen.

Tiburon: The California Seaside Town Of Your Dreams

Tiburon is an undeniably beautiful coastal town that boasts unobstructed views of the Bay and the San Francisco skyline. If it’s not already, it certainly needs to be on your post-shelter-in-place day trip bucket list. While it exudes a quaint, seaside charm for those that want to relax and unwind with a glass of wine in hand, it also offers miles of rugged terrain for lovers of outdoor activity whether you’re a runner, hiker or biker.

MINA Family Kitchen To Provide Food And Comfort During Uncertain Times

Though the restaurant and hospitality industry has been one that has perhaps been hit hardest during the COVID-19 pandemic, some have used this crisis to further their commitment to providing for not only their employees but also their employees’ families and the local community. One such example is SF-based MINA Group, helmed by Chef Michael Mina, who introduced MINA Family Kitchen shortly after the pandemic struck.

Helping Hands: The Bay Area’s Grassroots Response To COVID-19

What do you get when a determined group of current and former employees of big tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Lyft, WhatsApp and Uber decide to team up to make a difference in local communities during the COVID-19 crisis? Helping Hands, a new non-profit created in response to the need for able-bodied, willing volunteers to help vulnerable individuals get groceries and other essentials during the pandemic.

5 Fun Easter Dessert And Cocktail Pairings (With Recipes)

You can’t go wrong with the delightful combination of a sweet dessert and refreshing cocktail, especially now that it’s Springtime! We chatted with five cocktail pros on their favorite dessert + cocktail pairings perfect for Easter brunch (an afternoon soiree, a celebratory get together post Coronavirus... or honestly any time this Spring season!). Fruity, citrus-forward cocktails complement these lighter, yet still indulgent treats and if you don’t believe it, read on!

20 Fun Facts About HARIBO, The Original Inventor Of The Gummi Bear

Everyone loves gummi candy, right? Well HARIBO (pronounced "HAIR-EE-BOW"), the beloved German gummi maker, is celebrating 100 years this year! From Happy Cherries and Dinosaurs to Fizzy Cola and Sour S’ghetti, HARIBO has been making fan favorites ever since its founder, Hans Riegel, started the company in a small backyard laundry-kitchen with just a sack of sugar, a marble block, a stool, a brick oven, a copper kettle and a roller in 1920.

5 Pro-Golfers Share Their Favorite At Home Food And Wine Pairings

I recently attended my first professional golf tournament, the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, which takes place at the incredibly scenic Pebble Beach, California. With the sounds of crashing waves and distant claps cheering on the competition surrounding me, I took in panoramic views of the Monterey coastline with a glass of wine in hand. Looking back, I wish I had savored that moment just a bit more, but who knew a pandemic was on its way. Now that the fresh ocean breeze and group gatherings are be

30 Bay Area Restaurants Offering Delivery During The Coronavirus Crisis (And What To Order At Each)

Though restaurants and bars throughout the San Francisco Bay Area are shut down due to the city-wide shelter in place mandate, many of our go-to eateries are still open for pick up and delivery! And what better way to pass the time than eat meal after meal from your favorite spots? Not to mention helping to support local businesses? From dumplings and deep-dish pizza to ice cream sandwiches and immune-boosting smoothies, there’s something for every craving.

17 Stellar Female Chefs Share What Advice They’d Give To Their Younger Selves

Though March has turned out to be a very difficult one for the restaurant and hospitality industry, that doesn’t mean we can’t honor the incredible female restaurateurs around the country transforming the culinary scenes around them! March is Women’s History Month and in celebration, we’ve decided to gather the best advice 17 chefs would give to their younger selves and share this insight during a chaotic time when we could all use some positivity and motivation.

Off The Grid, The Bay Area’s Leader In The Mobile Food Movement, Celebrates A Decade Of Innovation

Always on the go? Then you’re most like a fan of mobile food, a burgeoning industry that’s capitalizing on the fact that most people on-the-go want delicious food, but don’t always have the time for a sit down meal. No entity is more involved in the mobile food movement, particularly in the San Francisco Bay Area, than Off The Grid, an organization that’s been integral to galvanizing the city’s food truck scene for the past decade.
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