13 of the most Instagrammable foods in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan, has a lot of beautiful, cute, and giant foods. Some popular Instagrammable foods include larger-than-life rainbow cotton candy, Totoro-shaped cream puffs, and technicolor sundaes and cakes. The city also offers animal-shaped pastries and special Hello Kitty sweets. Adorable, colorful eats can be found in cafes and sit-down restaurants throughout the city, so I spent four days searching for a few of the most photogenic ones. Here are some of the most Instagrammable foods in Tokyo.

Holiday Gift Guide 2019: The Most Over-The-Top Chocolate Dessert Baskets

You can never go wrong with giving the gift of pure indulgence! This holiday season take the guesswork out of gift-giving and send your friends and family something that you’re certain they’ll enjoy: a gift basket full of chocolaty deliciousness! From truffles, bonbon and bars to dipped fruits, drizzled creations and crunchy chocolate-coated bites, this selection of top-notch gift baskets has you covered!

StarChefs 2019 Congress: Sustainability From A Butchers Perspective

This year StarChefs is hosting its 14th annual International Chefs Congress​, an industry-only symposium featuring the world’s topnotch culinary talent. The theme is "New Foundations." The Congress will bring together over 150 chefs and restaurant professionals for two days of business panels, demonstrations, hands-on workshops, pop-ups and more to talk all about innovative foundations of leading kitchens and the challenges that they face today.

The Bay Area Legacy Of The Burma Superstar Restaurant Family

A surprising number of people have yet to try the savory, spiced and unique flavors of Burmese food. For those in the Bay Area, however, there’s really no excuse given that this area boasts one of the largest Burmese populations in the country thanks to large influxes of Burmese immigrants settling here after the national uprising in 1988. Formerly known as Burma, Myranmar is shares its borders with Thailand, China and India.

Locally Made: 5 Lively Breweries To Try In Fargo, North Dakota

When comes to beer, North Dakota knows what it likes to drink! Last year the state ranked #3 in a list of which state’s residents drink the most beer, boasting a whopping 38.3 gallons of beer drank annually per capita and a total of 20.9 million gallons of beer consumption! Fargo in particular loves its craft beer and is home to a number of local breweries that feature a lively ambiance, entertainment, food and more, in addition to special beers you won’t find elsewhere.

Where to Satisfy Your Scary Cravings In New York City All Month Long

Celebrating Halloween in NYC is ridiculously fun no matter what your age. Throughout the month New Yorkers are going all out for this holiday. From mildly terrifying haunted houses to the not-so-scary, yet completely over-the-top costume parties, to themed food and drink. Need to fuel your spooky shenanigans? Check out this round up of festive—and tasty—offerings perfect for any scare-tolerance available this month only.

10 Hole-in-the-Wall NYC Restaurants

Everyone knows that a restaurant doesn’t have to be expensive and fancy to be delicious! Think about the mom and pop shops, the family-ran eateries and those tiny off-the-beaten-path spots that always have people lined up, waiting for the chance to dig in. Though your typical hole-in-the-wall restaurant doesn’t look like much from the front, and honestly may look even less impressive once inside, what matters is one thing: taste.

Never Had Peruvian Nikkei? Head To San Francisco Hotspot KAIYŌ To Get Your Fill of Innovative Japanese-Peruvian Cuisine.

Ever indecisive when it comes to choosing where to go for dinner? Or better yet, bored of all your options? Well it’s time to expand your go-to restaurant list, along with your palate. Located in the trendy Cow Hollow area of San Francisco, KAIYŌ, is a unique hotspot on Union Street specializing in a cuisine that isn’t all that common: Peruvian Nikkei.

NOLA Meets Chinatown At This Historic San Francisco Watering Hole

When it comes to restaurants that pay homage to a different era, there’s a fine line between undesirably kitschy and genuinely authentic. Comstock, the North Beach watering hole that’s been serving up libations to thirsty patrons since 1907, nails it. Wooden booths, a grand old-school bar, nighty live jazz, ornate patterned walls, charming light fixtures and more are just a few things that make walking into Comstock feel like a step back in time.

A Culinary Exploration of Southern Italy

Calabria is a stunning coastal region surrounded by the crystal-clear blue waters of the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas, rocky coasts and umbrella-dotted sandy beaches. Inland are endless acres of lemon, orange and olive trees, mountainous backdrops and rolling hills. Calabria’s history dates back thousands of years and is a place where you can explore ruins, castles and medieval villages. It’s as equally as beautiful as anywhere in Italy, yet still remains one of the lesser-visited regions.
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