15 Travel Writers Share Their Best Tips For Holiday Travel

It's the most wonderful (and chaotic) time of the year. As hordes of travelers descend upon airports nationwide to journey home for the holidays, the prospect of December travel strikes both excitement and anxiety in the hearts of many. We decided to consult the experts for travel advice for the upcoming season (including tips on how to make your economy ticket feel like business class.)

To that end, 15 travel writers shared their hard-earned wisdom on everything from travel rewards programs to

Want to Get Paid to Travel? This Pro Traveler Could Help You Land the Job of Your Dreams

Despite the pandemic, there really is a future for you in the travel industry if you want it. And she’ll prove it if you become part of her new network, The Roundtrip Collective. While quarantining in New York City, Stein, who’s worked in the travel industry for a number of years as a public relations professional, decided to join TikTok. There, she posted a simple vid

10 Great Destinations for Single Female Travelers

The number of female travelers who set off for an adventure on their own has been on the rise for some time now, as pros have noted, and it’s likely to keep on climbing. We turned to 10 experts for the stories of some of their favorite destinations — and their tips for women who’d like to chart solo courses for themselves. (Psst: Iceland, pictured above, is a pretty spectacular destination for women on their own, too.)