A Visual Tribute To Michel Roux, The Man Behind Absolut Vodka's Iconic Print Campaign

If you were of drinking age in the 90's then you're definitely familiar with Absolut Vodka's iconic print campaign which pioneered the concept of commissioning artists to create legendary advertisements. Starting with famous Andy Warhol for the famous ABSOLUT WARHOL ad, and continuing on with major artists such as Keith Haring, Annie Leibowitz, Britto, and countless others, Absolut's ad campaign completely redefined the world of vodka. In particular, it reintroduced the once obscure liquor brand

Veuve Clicquot Teams Up With The San Francisco-Marin Food Bank For Yelloweek

If you love bubbly—and let’s be honest who doesn’t—then this is your week! Veuve Clicquot is hosting their 2nd annual Yelloweek starting today, May 11 in San Francisco. This week-long series is full of unique and indulgent experiences for anyone who appreciates cocktails, Champagne and gourmet food. Brunches, rooftops, caviar, seafood, dancing, DJs and more will be taking place throughout the city at some of its most iconic spots. The Champagne-fueled activities best embodying the Veuve Clicquo

Must-Try Mendocino: The Best Places To Wine & Dine

Mendocino, California is an idyllic coastal county home to rugged beaches, dramatic cliffs, redwoods and a picturesque, untamed coastline. In addition to its stunning natural beauty, it’s a hub for art and artists as well as incredible coastal and farm-to-table cuisine, thanks to its diverse landscape. From the lush wine and farming region of Anderson Valley to the seafood-driven communities of the coast, Mendocino is a hotbed of culinary delights and gourmet cuisine waiting to be discovered.

Enjoy World Class Wine And Art At This Stunning Sonoma Estate

At the cultured intersection of art and wine is Sonoma Valley’s Donum Estate. From the moment you pull in to this exceptionally curated property, keep your eyes peeled and your mind open as works of art can be admired throughout, even in the least expected places. Case in point? The Black Palm sculpture, made of blown-out tire pieces, which is nearly indistinguishable from the surrounding palms in the parking lot. Unless you’re looking for it, of course.

How To Properly Drink Tea, According To A Tea Sommelier

A visit to China wouldn’t be complete without experiencing an authentic tea drinking ceremony. Tea drinking is an essential component to Chinese culture, and moreover, holds special meaning depending on the circumstance. Whether it be paying respect to an elder, an expression of gratitude or simply an opportunity to connect with a friend, pouring a cup of tea is both an activity that can be enjoyed daily, as well as an opportunity to commemorate something special.

Hollywood's Swanky Supper Club Delilah Is Coming To The Strip

Known for its exclusivity, opulence and lavish Great Gatsby vibes, the 1920’s-inspired lounge and restaurant Delilah is getting Vegas-fied. Wynn Las Vegas has partnered with Los Angeles’ h.wood Group to open this Hollywood supper-club concept in Spring 2020. The h.wood Group also runs restaurant concepts The NICE GUY, Delilah, SLAB, Mason and Petite Taqueria, in addition to hospitality venues Blind Dragon, Bootsy Bellows, Poppy, The Peppermint Club, SHOREbar, 40 LOVE and FOUND Hotels.

Want An Authentic Philly Cheesesteak In San Francisco? Go Here Now.

The Tilden Hotel is a chic boutique property once known as the Mark Twain Hotel. Originally built in 1928, the reimagined property boasts a rotating art collection of local artists; Tilden Cafe which serves a selection of high quality coffee and tea drinks alongside SF-based JANE’s pastries; a lively lobby that doubles as a great workspace thanks to free Wi-Fi, charging areas, a hip vibe and communal spaces; and last, but certainly not least, The Douglas Room.

The World Of Winemaking With Passalacqua Winery's Jessica Boone

Located in Dry Creek Valley, California is Passalacqua Winery, a family-owned establishment that’s been growing grapes in the region for five generations. It’s a winery that, unlike most, boasts a tradition of female winemakers. This began with the current owner’s Great Aunt Edith. In 1933, she opened Sonoma County Cellars making her one of the first women to make wine and own and operate a winery in California post-prohibition.

The Evolution Of The Espresso Martini And Craft Coffee Cocktail Culture

Craving a sweet, boozy way to wake up, post-dinner? The Espresso Martini has just what you need: a jolt of caffeine made decadent with a creamy coffee liquor served up in a classy V-shaped glass, garnished with a few coffee beans. Though it’s an easy, three-ingredient cocktail, it’s super versatile and can be made with almost any spirit, espresso and your choice of coffee liquor, most often Kahlúa.

Game Night: Booze To Pair With Your Board Games

While there will always be something to be said for going out on a Friday to a fancy cocktail bar, or a night out at the club — let’s be real — it’s winter, it’s freezing and you just want to get cozy and stay in your sweatpants. That said, if you’re still looking to stay social, why not throw the ultimate game night for you and your friends? Say goodbye to the drunken, annoying bar crowds and ridiculous cocktail prices and instead unwind and make new memories with your close friends at home. G

21 Most Historic Wineries In Franciacorta

Sparkling wine enthusiasts should visit Franciacorta, Italy, a region famed for its namesake wine and the storied history behind its many wineries. Sparkling wine has been produced in Franciacorta since the 16th century, though it wasn’t until 1961 that the first bottle of Franciacorta was produced. Here’s a look at some of the most historic, picturesque wineries in the region, some of which are housed in ancient family villas, others decorated with 15th century frescos.

Reddit's Alexis Ohanian Aims To Put Armenia Back On The Spirits Map With Shakmat

The Reddit and Initialized Capital co-founder Alexis Ohanian has tapped into his Armenian heritage to bring to the American spirits market Armenian brandy, known as konyak in Armenia. Launched in collaboration with Flaviar, a direct-to-consumer spirits club with whom the entrepreneur had initially invested in via Y Combinator, the brandy is appropriately named Shakmat, the Armenian word for chess which is one of the country's most beloved traditions.
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