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A Fusion Of Flavor And Heritage: An Inspiring Journey With Acclaimed Celebrity Chef, Entrepreneur And Restauranteur, Kathy Fang

As a celebrity Chef and restauranteur, mother of two, and star of the new Food Network Docuseries “Chef Dynasty: House of Fang,” Kathy Fang is a powerhouse in the culinary world.

Fang is a first generation Asian American who grew up in the kitchen of her family’s restaurant, House of Nanking, an iconic dining institution in San Francisco’s historic Chinatown. It’s at this famous hole-in-the-wall that Fang first discovered her own passion for cooking. From cleaning up and bussing tables to servi

Bringing Palestinian American Representation To Hummus With Rana Kamal Of Baba’s

With the rise of the hummus category, Arab American entrepreneurs have been largely left out of the conversation — until now. Enter: Baba’s, an award-winning Arab American/ Palestinian American owned brand founded by second-generation Palestinian American siblings Rana Kamal and Khalid Ansari.

Baba’s is named after their own father, or “baba,” who immigrated to the Twin Cities from Jerusalem in the ‘70s and opened one of Minnesota’s first-ever Middle Eastern restaurants — the longstanding Medit

Cheetah, A Technology-Driven, Foodservice Distributor App Wants To Be The Amazon Of Restaurant Supplies — Here’s Why It Will Succeed

If you're not in the restaurant industry, chances are you aren't aware of the systematic difficulties facing restauranteurs — particularly smaller, independent businesses — who deserve to buy quality ingredients at fair prices, regardless of their size or negotiating skills, in a transparent manner. Na’ama Moran, CEO & Co-Founder of Cheetah, a sustainability-focused technology-driven restaurant supply app that provides the easiest and most affordable way for restaurants to order and receive dail

Comfort Food In Space: The Future Of Interplanetary Gastronomy

If you've ever wondered about the future of space travel and food, you're not alone. Zero Gravity Corporation is a space entertainment and tourism company whose mission is to share the excitement and thrill of space travel with the curious public. This privately held company is the only one currently offering commercial opportunities to people interested in experiencing true "weightlessness" without going in to space.

"'Space entertainment and tourism' is a bit limiting considering the amount o

Nonprofit Community Cooking School 18 Reasons Celebrates 15 Years In The San Francisco Bay Area

18 Reasons is a nonprofit community cooking school in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District whose goals include helping people learn how to buy, cook and eat quality food, as well as helping low-income families by addressing food inequity in the Bay Area and through educational programming.

“Our mission is to inspire our community with the confidence and creativity to buy, cook, and eat good food every day,” explains Sarah Nelson, Executive Director at 18 Reasons. “This mission drives o

Winery Owner And Cannabis Consultant Stephanie Honig On The Future Of Bud, Hospitality, Dining And More In Napa Valley

Imagine a Napa Valley wine region as known for its fine wine as its quality cannabis. For some, this may seem highly improbable. For others, it’s only a matter of time. Stephanie Honig, Partner at Napa Valley’s Honig Winery, and Co-founder of Yolo Brand Group, a branding and marketing cannabis agency, is in the latter group. Honig also serves as the President of the Napa Valley Cannabis Association and a founding board member of the Cannabis Media Council.

As someone who has been in the wine an

The Story Of Entrepreneur Vince Nguyen’s California-Based And Immigrant-Owned Vietnamese Coffee Company, Nam Coffee

If you’ve ever enjoyed a truly authentic Vietnamese coffee, also called ca phe sua, you know that it’s more than just a caffeine fix, but rather an experience. And if you haven’t, this Vietnamese specialty is a bold dripped coffee made with a creamy condensed milk. It’s a rich, sweet and intense coffee beverage commonly made with Robusta beans and a unique phin filter that’s distinct to Vietnamese coffee culture.

Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone Celebrates 10 Years And Over $225 Million In Sales With HSN

With what started as an introduction to cooking by Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone’s grandmother and earliest mentor, Maude, while making fudge at the age of four, is now a formidable career in the culinary world. From countless television experiences raging from his initial traveling cooking show, Surfing the Menu on ABC with Chef Ben O’Donoghue, to hosting international TLC hit, Take Home Chef, and PBS series, Field Trip; to a number of appearances on cooking competitions, including Top Chef Master.

This Savvy Serial Investor Has Dabbled In Everything From Food To Cannabis, Here’s What He’s Learned

“Taking risks was never a problem. Learning management took discipline,” explains serial investor, fund manager and well-known risk-taker, Andy DeFrancesco. Toronto native Andy DeFrancesco has been a successful investor for over 26 years. Specializing in private equity, he’s made a name for himself by taking risks that few would even consider and making controversial calls when it comes to his investment strategy.

Diving In To The World Of CBD With Calm By Wellness

When it comes to wellness, there are few products in higher demand than those infused with CBD. From gummies and tinctures to infused beverages and creams, it’s one of the biggest wellness trends right now. Thanks to its huge success in helping many with their ailments—whether mental issues like anxiety, insomnia or stress to physical ones like muscle pain—CBD products seem to offer just the right remedy for whatever is bothering you.

Oakland Pitmaster Matt Horn Named A Food & Wine Best New Chef 2021

The success of Horn Barbecue’s Matt Horn is largely attributed to his desire to bring happiness to others through his food. Since day one, Horn’s uncompromising passion for doing what fulfills him — bringing smiles to people’s faces and filling their stomachs with soul-satisfying barbecue — has steered him in the right direction. That said, Horn has had an unorthodox journey in the barbecue world, having only begun cooking in his twenties.

A Commitment To Community And Good Times At San Francisco’s Authentic Lao Issan Restaurant, Hawkerfare

The Mission District in San Francisco has never been at a deficit when it comes to dynamic, lively restaurants and bars. It’s full of life and diversity. One of the best examples of this is Lao Issan Tiki Bar, Hawkerfare on Valencia Street. Bold flavors, creative cocktails and a colorful, fun ambiance make this casual restaurant the perfect place to go out with your crew.

Served in family-style portions, the cuisine is top notch and is packed with the uniquely delicious flavors of Southeast Asi

Chefs Stopping AAPI Hate Expands To-Go Dinner Series To San Francisco And Beyond

According to the Stop AAPI Hate National Report, over 3,795 incidents were received between March 19, 2020 to February 28, 2021. While this doesn’t begin to cover the scope of hate incidents against the Asian American and Pacific Islander community as of recently, it’s a major indicator that change needs to happen. And furthermore, that discrimination of all types against Asian Americans is something that needs to be addressed across the board.

Oakland’s The Bussdown Brings Creative Pan African Soul Food Mainstream

If you haven’t yet tried Pan-African Soul Food, the fine dining Chef-Owners Solomon Johnson and Michael Woods of The Bussdown in Oakland, California are here to change that. “The Bussdown is a Pan African Soul Food concept inspired by food that Mike and I both grew up on,” explains Chef Johnson, who also goes by Chef Swoop. “It’s inspired by food we love both at home and abroad when we travel. It’s inspired by our ancestors and the sacrifices they made for our lives to be better.”

See’s Candies Makes Over 4.5 Million Chocolate Easter Eggs A Season—Here’s How It’s Done

See’s Candies is a timeless candy shop that makes over 26 million pounds of candy — particularly chocolates — every year! The very first See’s opened in 1921 in Los Angeles, making this year its Centennial anniversary. One of its biggest and busiest seasons, since it’s humble beginnings, is Easter, a time of family get-togethers, egg hunts and lots of sweet treats!

Storica Is Bringing The Armenian Wine Renaissance To The United States

Many Americans can’t pinpoint Armenia on the map, much less be expected to know about the country’s rich cultural history. That said, now is the time to experience the full beauty and cultural richness of this region through its newest and most rapidly growing product: fine wines. One company – Storica Wines – is bringing Armenian wine to the U.S. with a digital-forward sales, marketing, and operational approach that is scaling rapidly from coast to coast.

Horn Barbecue: The Story of Oakland’s Hottest Barbecue Spot

Within a matter of years, Matt Horn grew Horn Barbecue from a humble farmer’s market pop-up to a remarkably popular pop-up to a now extremely popular brick and mortar restaurant in Oakland, California in October of 2020. Chef and Pitmaster Matt Horn never set out to cook the best barbecue around, but thanks to the initial introduction to and subsequent experimentation with barbecue in his grandma’s backyard, his passion for meat-smoking grew.

This Former US Coast Guardsman Is Revolutionizing The Coffee Industry One Small Coffee Farmer At A Time

Ever wonder where your coffee comes from? Like really thought about it? Most us know that coffee farmers don’t make much money. Which is a cruel joke considering how incredibly high prices can be for a cup of coffee, let alone a latte or something fancy. After a trip to Colombia Calvin Harris, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, graduate of Savannah State University and former United States Coast Guard, met a coffee farmer who, despite working all day couldn’t afford dinner.
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