All-Female Bartending Competition Speed Rack Is Back For Its Eighth US Season

The eighth US season of Speed Rack is back and stronger than ever with 25 of New York City's fiercest female bartenders kicking off the competition this Sunday, Nov. 18th at Melrose Ballroom. For those that don't know, Speed Rack is a nationwide competition that was specifically designed to showcase the talent of up-and-coming women in the cocktail industry, along with giving back to individuals who have been affected by breast cancer.

Top Chefs Tackle Industry Issues At StarChefs International Chefs Congress

2018 has proven to be a tumultuous year of country-wide reckoning over a variety of issues that include harassment in the workplace and sexual misconduct. If there’s one thing that has been made clear, it’s that every industry across the board needs to reevaluate its work culture and come together to change many of the unacceptable behaviors that all too often go unaddressed and categorized as industry “norms.”

The Young Minds of NYC’s Most Indulgent Festival, Dessert Goals

If you love dessert, Instagrammable photo ops, creativity and fun, then Dessert Goals is the festival you need in your life. This festival is brought you by young entrepreneurs, and fellow dessert lovers, Miraya Berke and Liang Shi. As the story goes, these two young women were relaxing on a hot summer day, enjoying some shaved snow, when they pondered why on earth there wasn’t a dessert festival in New York City.

Meet The Fashion Designer Behind Rihanna’s Outrageous Crop Over Looks

Crop Over, the annual harvest festival celebrating the end of a successful sugar cane season in Barbados, has been around for a long time. But we can thank Bajan queen of fashion, Rihanna, for bringing it to a wider audience than ever before. For six weeks, Crop Over festivities take over Barbados. From Caribbean music, parades, and fêtes that rage on all day and all night (when one party stops, another one starts) to Bajan food fairs and sprawling arts and crafts markets, the rum-fueled fest is a partying marathon of epic proportions.

East Asian Culture Meets Western Pastry at Silk Cakes

Chef Judy Lai’s creations are more than just camera-worthy. At Silk Cakes, her jewel-like shop in Forest Hills, her pastries pay homage to her culture, blended with a playful, dramatic flair. Silk Cakes is a modern Asian American cake shop bringing together East Asian culture and Western pastry. “A lot of things you see on the menu are inspired by Asian influences, my culture and background,” said Lai. “We try to think through our products rather than just bring them out for sale or Instagram p

Move Over YouTube—You Can Now Upload 1-Hour Videos To Instagram

At an entertaining launch event in San Francisco, which began with a choreographed performance starring some of Instagram’s biggest names, those behind the app announced IGTV. What’s IGTV? Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom explained at the event that it’s a new app for watching long-form, full-screen, vertical video, laid out on the platform to match up with, “how you actually use your phone.”
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